January 2014

After a successful release of the download single Akihabara (feat. Mooly), the countdown to the new Jonteknik album 'Structural' is upon us. The 3D print case designed by HC Carbo has been selling very well indeed with pre-orders. The pre-sale for the standard CD officially starts on February 6th 2015.

November 2014

Another Jonteknik remix has been released. 'Activity of Sound' by iEuropean (featuring Wolfgang Flür) is out on download through Sub-Culture Records. To be involved with a release featuring an ex Kraftwerk member is something very special for me.

Apt have finally put out a 3 track download release of 'Changing Lanes'. All 3 remixes are by Metroland. It is available from 21st November at Bandcamp.

August 12th 2014
A couple more 'extracts' from new tracks have appeared on www.soundcloud.com/jonteknik
The mixing of the new album is going well...

July/August 2014
Time certainly flies by doesn't it?! The next Jonteknik album, 'Structural' is written, musically speaking. There are a few collaborations lined up for vocals and the mixing process has begun in trusty old ProTools. If you are familiar with the Jonteknik Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jonteknik) you may have heard a short clip of one track called 'Akihabara', this features my good friend from Japan, Mooly.

June 2014
Many apologies for the lack of updates over the last 11 months. How time flies!
The Jonteknik album 'Giants Under The Microscope' has had a proper CD release (i.e pressed. from a glass master and not a CDr). The CDs have almost all gone but it is available on download from Bandcamp. I have also been remixing a few artists such as Metroland, Quieter Than Spiders and Rename Pop.
As well as starting work on a new Jonteknik album entitled 'Structural', I have been back working with my old mentor Paul Humphreys of OMD which is always such a great experience.
Oh, in case you missed it there is a CD and download release of 'People at an Exhibition' which is full of great artists remixing Jonteknik, also see Bandcamp for this release too :) 

July/August 2013
The album called 'The Satellites Of Substance' has launched and is doing rather well. Although the official release date is 16th September 2013, I have shipped all pre-orders due to such a fantastic demand. A big thank you if you are one of those people. The artwork by Hc Carbo has received great feedback as has the mastering by Barry Gardner (see a link to his services on 'The Satellites of Substance CD page). 
Hc Carbo has also made a brilliant video to the track 'Relay'. There will be a release of remixes relating to The Satellites Of Substance over the coming months. Two shops have taken stock of the album too, Groove Unlimited and POPoNAUT. Exciting times.

June 2013
The big news is that I am keeping my next album as a Kraftwerk-esque album and collaborating on 'songs' on a seperate album. Expect two albums in the coming months, the first will be 'The Satellites of Substance' expected to be released around September 2013. The second one is the collaboration with Martyn Bailey who is performing vocals and also penning the lyrics on each track. We expect this one to be either the end of this year or the very beginning of next. Both releases will be on factory pressed CDs.

May 2013

Production continues on the next album.There is likely to be more tracks that are songs on the album than originally planned. This is basically for commercial reasons, in such a fierce market that is swamped with mainly instrumental electronic albums, I feel teaming up with a great songwriter/vocalist will help give the edge to Jonteknik.I also don't really want to make 'Giants Under the Microscope' the sequel.

April 2013
All of the CDr promos that were in the shop on this site have now all sold out! Thank you to everyone who bought one.

Work is underway on the next Jonteknik album which includes two collaborations with singer/songwriter Martyn Bailey, who also performed the vocals on the a-ha covers album 'A Boy's Adventure Tale' also by Jonteknik/Martyn Bailey.

March 2013
The download version of the Jonteknik album 'Giants Under the Microscope' will be available from all popular download stores later this month. It features a different track listing from the promo CD (available from this website)...

 To buy the expanded edition from itunes please click the itunes button here:


01 Thule

02 Man of Science

03 Manoeuvres

04 Up On the Downs

05 Giants Under the Microscope

06 Metal Party

07 Robot Music

08 Muckle Flugga

09 Head in Hands

10 Traffic

11 Finsterlin

12 Unst

13 Fisteen Megabytes of Fame

14 Suffer in Silence